Elizabeth Van Duine comes from a long line of creative types and spent her formative years surrounded by artists, photographers, writers, and musicians. Her need to create comes with this territory; for as long as she can remember she’s been in the process of creating something, anything. Everyone needs an outlet that makes them feel most alive and joyful and for Elizabeth, it’s creating art.

An artist by blood not education, Elizabeth spent many hours as a child alone in her parents’ workshops creating whatever poured out that day. Traditional art classes didn’t inspire her the way she’d hoped. Assuming art was not the career for her, Elizabeth chose other paths until a simple black drawing met an eXacto knife on the table in front of her. Only recently did she learn that she’d stumbled upon a Japanese form of paper cutting called Kirie.

Her love of both graphic line drawing and art paper merged to become what she creates today.

At times images arrive out of the depths of imagination and at others something simple catches Elizabeth’s eye. Each final paper cut starts with an image needing to be expressed and often some underlying emotion that accompanies it. Her list of possibilities is endless but certain images push themselves to the top and then to the paper, while others may linger as only a possibility for months on end.


My artwork reflects an affinity for brief moments in time, there and then gone. At times in our hustle to get somewhere, or do something, these moments pass us by and we miss out on the chance to be moved by beauty. The swaying and creaking of the pines, a brief expression on a child’s face, or the intoxicating center of a flower in bloom - this is the deliciousness of life. In a state of constant and open awareness I rarely miss these moments.

With each of these noticed moments, I feel a strong response that I need to express creatively. Some times the moment as it exists is enough and at others, my imagination transforms the real life moment into a dream or something that asks the question, “What if?”.

From that my art is born.